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Brian Gamborg, MD

Excellence in Medical Care

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Your care begins at home

Our first goal always prevention of illness.  But what do you do when something happens?

You need to know your physician will be available and able to help you when you're sick.  You really don't want to sit in the emergency department for 6 hours, see one doc who doesn't know you then get shuffled off from one doc to another.  All the time wondering what is going on.

Our policy is that when people get ill, they need care in a timely fashion - not next week (or next month).  They need care from someone who knows them.

We can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00.  The answering service will reach us outside of normal work hours for emergencies.

Brian Gamborg, MD
Phone number: 337 494-6767
Address:  1525 Oak Park Blvd
State, ZIP code: Lake Charles, LA   70601
E-mail address: info listed in contact information